I grew up in the peaceful Tuscan province of Grosseto, where I lived with my grandmother and her three daughters, all of whom were extremely fond of good food.

At home, the old kitchen wood stove was a special place where we would share everything with one another, we would prepare biscuits for breakfast, roasts for dinner and make pasta..
There wasn't a moment that went by without something delicious cooking on the stove, whether it was some stock slowly simmering, some cheese rinds grilling or powdered chestnuts in tailor’s thimbles cooked overnight amongst the glowing embers to make small moulds for us children to play with….a sort of gastronomic Lego. “Dolce Forno”, was my first and most treasured toy, a little pink oven with a light-bulb that generated heat and therefore allowed me to cook little delicacies… I still remember the unmistakable smell and taste of my first small tarts.

At twenty I become a singer, and for fifteen years made my living from music but I never lost my love for food and cooking. At the height of my success in the music industry, I remember waiting around at the rehearsals for my Saturday night tv show in Italy making up new reciepes in my head as I always did  when I realized I wanted to cook more than I wanted to perform. 
I moved to London because I wanted to learn about international cooking and after a few years in the restaurant business as head chef at various restaurants, including Matilda in Battersea, White Horse in Parsons green, Jamies 15 in Shoreditch and Giorgio Locatelli at Refettorio, I decided to set up my own company Mood for Food,and realize my ambition of having a restaurant of my own. 
Being here now has allowed me to experience a world suspended between my grandmother’s secrets and the fantastic international cuisine all around me.