I wanted to own a restaurant that served great food at reasonable prices and to serve home-style Italian food that I remembered from my childhood that would truly make my customers feel they were eating in a Tuscan home.

I dreamt of a restaurant that was a café, a deli, a restaurant and a place where you would feel comfortable whatever you wanted; whether a coffee, a sandwich, a home cooked pasta or even a perfectly cooked steak.

I believe that 'love is essential in the kitchen' and that every gesture that is made with love transforms your food into a magic potion'.  

Food lab is a stress free place, it has a relaxing atmosphere like that of a country house immersed in green Tuscan hills. You can find delicious home made cakes, home made pasta dishes, home made focaccia, great coffee, organic herbal tea infusions, fresh juices.. an assortment of delicious products mainly from Italy, fantastic salami and surprising cheeses, and a warm welcome smile from our staff.

Come and visit us, be a part of the family..